Advising a Polish vet on healthy piglets.

Advising a dairy farm in Belarus on well balanced feed.

Dairy farm in Indonesia
Austasia Dairy Farm Malang

Consultancy and hands-on management advice from Hemke Nutri Consult have improved the skills of the staff. After analysing the situation and pointing out critical factors, improvements have been achieved with regard to:

The productivity of the 1800 cows on this farm has increased from 23.5 to 27 litres / cow / day.

Hands-on consultancy in Indonesia

Roughage transport to Austasia dairy farm

Feed quality is analysed on digestion and utilisation

Grouping and phase feeding are the basis for success

The challenge is to get European performance from local ingredients

Innovative concentrates for young animals
Joosten Products, Weert, the Netherlands

Joosten Products is a strong player in the world market of protein concentrates, exporting to 60 countries. Together with Hemke Nutri Consult, a new concept has been developed with 3 special products. Depending on the availability of local ingredients, each farm or nutritionist can make well-balanced piglet feed, using flexible amounts of this concept. Extra attention is paid to the health of weaned piglets. The concept results in low costs and good health.

An exclusive fishmeal replacement is also being designed. Due to fish quota and increased demand, prices for good quality fishmeal have increased in recent years. The fishmeal replacement shows similar results and gives more value for money.

Young chickens ask for special feed and holding.

Well balanced feed for healthy piglets.