Presentations and courses

Hemke Nutri Consult frequently contributes to congresses, courses, symposia and seminars all over the world, with themes varying from strategic developments, sustainable agriculture, positive eating quality, nutrition and health. Hemke Nutria Consult always focuses on implementing knowledge in local conditions.

Some examples.

Knowledge application Asia, Brazil, Eastern Europe
Many nutritionists in Asia are trained to feed animals with corn and soy only. Hemke Nutri Consult has experience in ways of using “exotic” ingredients from all over the world to make feeds.

Giving a seminar in Vietnam.

DLG ( Deutsche Landwirts Gesellschaft )

Hemke Nutri Consult gave several presentations for this organisation to farmers and feed mill experts with the following “take-home messages”

IFFO (International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation)
World congress 2006, Barcelona

Hemke Nutri Consult gave a presentation on the price elasticity of fish meal for application in pig and poultry diets at this world congress. Take-home messages:

PHLO, Wageningen Business School
Universiteit Wageningen in the Netherlands

Wageningen business school organises many congresses and training courses. Hemke Nutri Consult follows training courses on bio-based developments, article writing etc. It actively contributes to courses on Poultry Nutrition and management with the take-home message:

The patio system for poultry : better vitality and more weight gain.